RoseOnRails – Going on the turnouts

Hi everyone !

On Wenesday, I started working again on the intelligence Threads (one thread per locomotive and one thread of turnout). I finished it yesterday and I completed the corresponding. I’ve also agreed with Noémie and Valeh in order they complete the database in the way we use it in our threads. I’ve also implemented a first version of the Dijkstra algorithm with each section being a vertex and a valuation taking into account the size of the section, the number of switches used with a ponderation on the fact they are reserved. Then, with Valeh we’ve started to integrate the code. However, Gleison was working alone on our track and putting the pcb turnout under our rails took him a lot of time (drilling, soldering, passing the wires under the table). So, I’ve decided to work on it with him. Unfortunately, the first turnout PCB I put wasn’t advertising well. After a diagnostic we’ve asked Alexis to change the balun and now it works well. Thanks 🙂

Now, I’m going to finish to put the two last turnout pcb under our rails with Valeh.

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