Drops N’ Roses : Guestbook and crypto

Hello !

So yersterday, I programmed Cairn guestbook v1.0. It gets the ten most recent messages and displays them on the screen as you can see.
So, at first, I wrote in my flash drop 10 messages with “This is a message for Cairn application. This is the %d comment of its guestbook”. Then, I added two short messages thanks to my application Cairn. Messages had to be short, because we have still some problems to write long messages even if we know how to do to send long messages, we do not have programmed it in Scala yet.



I also discovered cryptography based on elliptic curves. It seems to be a really good solution for signing messages. We discussed a lot (as always) about how programming the different functions we need to distinguish an authenticate person, a signed message, etc… for different use cases of our drop.

Then, we dispatched the work, and I was able to code again in C (Yippee!) to manage public, authenticate, and admin rights for the different “opcodes” that someone can send to the drop, in order to read/edit/write/delete a message.

At least, this evening, I tried to found an equivalent library of the one we already for the nRF… but for java ! We want indeed to be able to verify the signature in our Android application. I found a lib called bouncy castle, but I dit not achieve to sign and verify a message with the keys that Matthieu generated on our drop, with the C lib.

I am also a little bit anxious, because we have so many things to do, and… it is nearly the end !
I keep hackin’!

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