RoseOnRails – Going on the led power supply and locomotive PCB

Hi everyone !

Yesterday morning I’ve finished with the rest of the group to put the turnouts PCBs the table of our rails. During, the afternoon I’ve worked on making the UART connection worked between our STM32 and our nRF51822. With Valeh, we’ve made it worked on with Sam eval boards nRF51822 (C0) and the previous year eval board STM32F103(cb). But, it is still not working yet. In spite of the fact, we get the right signal on the track between the TX of our nRF51822 and the RX of our STM32.. See :

I’ve also worked on our Threads with Valeh in order to correct the mistakes. Lot of tests are still to be done on the intelligence. During the night, I continue to solder the power supply of the led with Gleison and Valeh. We’ve finished it in the beginning of the afternoon. As expected some part of our ledstrip were broken and we’ve almost finished to repare it. I’ve solder the power supply on our four locomotive pcb and the connection with the motor. Now, that we’ve finished with the leds : WP_000539

We’re going to solder our hall sensors and test it with the deboucing.

Update :
The train says hello with his leds and is equipped with hall sensors :

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