Drops N’ Roses : Cache app

Hey !

Since last time, I have made a lot of things.
First of all, I worked with Matthieu on cryptography. I worked on scaloid with java spongy-castle library while he worked on the equivalent C library. At first, I programmed key generation, message signature, and message verification. I also programmed a method which allows me to generate the same public key as the one stored in the drop, thanks to an exchange in BLE of some parameters. Then, we wanted to exchange signed messages between my android app, and the drop, and that the drop stored the message only if it has the right signature. We spend a lot of time on it because for each of us, we could sign and check our own messages, but we were not able to check each other messages. So the drop never stored anything. We found that it was because of the hash : it was not done in the same way in the two lib (because of LSB and MSB). So we fixed it, and it worked.

Then, I began a new app : Cache. It is the app for treasure hunt.
I made the first activities. Even if the design is not really awesome yet, it was functionnal.

Because informations concerning the different hunts, and the clues have to be stored into the smartphone, I used SQLite to create two tables, one for the hunts, the other for the clues. I added methods to access the database, get all clues concerning one particular hunt, delete hunt/clue, etc…

In addition to that, I implement the whole behaviour of the app (the fact it has to connect automatically to all drops the app meets to know if there are some new hunts and notify the user if it is so, or check if the drop do not contains the next clue of a current hunt, etc…)

However, when we tested the app, there were some connection problems (connection to a drop was successful one time for ten attempts).

Moreover, I have not test all functions of the database.

I hope we will fix everything concerning this app tomorrow, to prepare a little hunt for you !

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