RoseOnRails – Day minus four

Hi everyone,

Even though I have not posted on the blog for quit  along time, I have not been idle ….

Over the past few days, I have worked on several issues:

– tyding up the repository
– installing the alimentation for the LEDs
– migrated the sockets which are used to communicate between the BLE and the python part of the central station from c to node.js
– updated the sections and LEDs database

Two days ago, our demo didn’t work because our locomotives didn’t receive any notifications.nommunication Even thought the notifications worked with gatttool, they didn’t work with our intelligence. While discussing with Alexis&Sam we supposed our problem came from bluelib. As we are the only group – and probably the only people in the world – using bluelib right now, we had no way of checking if this was truly the problem.

We have just discovered a bug in our code …. there is probably a problem in the communication between the TCP server written in C and the TCP client in python. The messages don’t seem to be well parsed.

As we still don’t know if the bug in our system comes from the parsing of messages in our TCP sockets or from bluelib. We are going to try and debug in parallel.
I am in charge of continuing with node.js asValeh wil come back on the parsing of messages written in C.

Electronically yours,

Noémie Bristol-Courgeon

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