LEDzep – Team meeting and preparation for monday presentation


We’ve been working the entire afternoon on our project. We first worked on the localisation problem. Then we agreed on the different characteristics of our project in order to prepare the monday presentation. We have almost finished the PSSC.

How can we localise our balloons? They are several ways to do that but all include a landmark on the ground. Can we do without it? Or how can we minimize it number and it size? We thought to work with infrared technology. Can we use the balloon to diffuse an infrared light that a camera on the ground will track? It would be then possible to recover  φ and Θ angles as you can on this diagram. And if we link this solution to an altimeter, then we can reconstruct the relative position to the camera in the spherical coordinate system.

IR positioning system for LEDzep


We would use a prism in order to have a 360° vision and the camera system could also be embeded in a “master” zepelin in order to have a complete embeded system. This solution means that we can measur the altitude -> is there reliable altimeters?
As a solution for the camera module, we thought to use the wiimote one. This small and lightweight module returns directly the cartesian coordinates of the 4 lightest IR points with a good frequency (200Hz). But maybe it Would be better to make our own module.