Plume – Measures


Our receiver almost works. We are able to receive the tension of our 3 coils :

Our measures

Our measures

But we still have a problem, our function that compute the maximum of 3 values doesn’t want to work …

Stay tuned.

Plume – Green and blue stuffs


I have one graph to show you. The audio codec is alive, and we will harness its power , just wait for it !


In blue, our raw signal

In blue, our raw signal


In blue we can see our raw signal. It no longer have discontinuities =)


On a side note, Noble seems a good option for Ble as 3 out of 4 group of us are using it. I’m glad it helped. I just hope it won’t burn.

Plume – Pcb and stuffsss.

Good evening !

We got our first PCB today, it’s awesome !!

This weekend, team and I worked on our Monday’s presentation.

I’m still working on BLE, and my nrf51822 is finally bending to my will and my efforts weren’t in vain. It won’t be long before this part of the software will be done. Over the weekend I’ve looked through a library I found for implementing our central. Weirdly its mainly written in Javascript, but it seems quite complete.

The name is Noble and it is used with Nodejs. (There is an equivalent for a peripheral see Bleno) I’ve looked through javascript quite a bit and it is not so hard to use it, and I’ll use coffeescript for more readability.

Today, we decided to use sockets to exchange data as we desire some degree of modularity in our soft.

See you !


Plume – Still on Ble

Hi everyone,

As Marco and Guénolé worked on the PCB, I did some work on my nRF51822. As I worked alone, I had some issues, to make real progress.

Today Alexis gave us a Sniffer for ble packets. I took some time to make it work, and it annoys me that the software is for windows but it’s a very helpful tool. It made me realize what really worked with my code and what did not.

Later I worked on streaming data with the Ble, as our devices will be in connected state constantly once it is initiated.
Then Felix joined me, I took some time to explain to him how ble worked. We decided to make a common git repos, mainly because we will encounter the same issues. We then had to tackle a few issues while setting up our new repository (Makefiles are evil). And we managed to take a first step towards streaming data.

See you soon for more amazing work.



This week was all about getting our project straight. Deadlines were approaching fast, and we had yet to choose our components. It still needs adjustment but it’s going well.

On a second hand, I had the task to use a HBridge to get the emitter coils to work. However, we still have to determine if we will use an audio amplifier or an HBridge, so I’ll work on the HBridge this weekend.



Challenge + Ble

Good evening !

This Friday occured the ROSE’s famous communication challenge. It went BAD for most. I count myself lucky to be one of the lot whom have finished it before 23h30, it was maddening for the most part, with all the mistakes I made under pressure.

This weekend I worked on my Nordic ble kit, and I managed to flash my board with the example Mathieu talked about. It’s very satisfying. Now I’m studying documentation and code to get an idea on how it works. It going well so far. I’m wondering if Chibios could run on the nrf51822… Is it worth ?

Next is Athens’ Week but I won’t go too far from A406 …


PLUME – BLE : First steps


Yesterday, we did our first test with our self-made coil and it was enlightening. Many thanks to Alexis and Félix for their cooperation 🙂

We were also given our BLE kit. I worked on it this afternoon. I’ve mostly set my tool-chain and got an example (which was given with the BLE sdk) to work. Here is a quick video for you 🙂

Some useful links :

‘Till next time.


PLUME – Some lab work.


Today was mostly lab work. The adc module finally bent to my will 🙂
Next step is getting the UsbSerialDriver to work, just to get some Hello world going.
Our hackster got updated, which is nice :

And finally, we registered our team for the parrot awards !


Monday !

These 2 last days, we prepared our project presentation. It was very tiring but we managed it. Everyone was very dedicated.

I’ve mostly worked with the group, and I did manage to find some time to spend on my STM32. My PWM is working, and I am trying to figure out how to use the ADC driver to get the trimmer resistor to work with my leds.

So, overall a very strenuous weekend but quite satisfying.
This week I’ll work on our model/simulation software and some.

Until next time,



Hi, it is my first post here, and we got our project name figured out, finally.

Today, we mostly worked on getting the machine started, by mostly figuring out what will be our main tasks.
Meanwhile I’m still trying to decipher some of the docs we got on the subject. Very interesting so far, though I don’t have the same background as other on the matter. Fortunately my team is very eager to fill me on the subject.

Still reviewing the work Matthieu and I got done for our Friday presentation on Git.