PLUME – Lab Work

Live from A406: I’ve finally finished my TP.

Good night. 🙂


Plume – Mario 8bit buzzer :)

Today big progress on my lab work. I manage to arrive to the nicest part of the work ; use the buzzer. 🙂 No, it is not the the most difficult thing, but playing Mario / Tetris / Megaman 8bit on the card is very funny and a little bit useless.

Otherwise, I FINALLY calculate the capacity to use on my transmitter assembly. I’m going to try tomorrow. Well, I go back to work on my card, and my choice of amplification chain for our project.

Good evening.



PLUME – The transmitting coil + Serial Over USB


After an intense weekend, here is a summary of chat I did.

On my lab work , I advanced on the use of serial over USB. After some unfruitful hours, to try to understand how ChibiOS works, I managed to activate the serial communication over USB. So my card is finally recognized as an USB device. It now remains to me to implement a shell via the advanced functions of ChibiOS, to communicate and control my card easily.

About the Plume project, whereas I was following the work of MarcO and Olivier on the receiving coils , I worked on the transmitting coil. Indeed , we must find a way to power it efficiently and with enough intensity to generate a strong magnetic field. Thus, my present solution is to use an H-bridge for generating a slot signal for energizing the coil. I am trying to think to add a capacitor in series to create a resonant LC system with a high Q. I now need to choose the capacitor.

It also remains to check that this arrangement is viable by testing. After quick tries, we are able to transmit and receive a usable signal on 1m. This is for the weak point, but we think we can improve this value.

So I ‘m planning to re-analyse the razer hydra to understand how the signal is generated. Unfortunately, their PCB is unclear and I can not find documentation about some components.

On the other hand , I began to think about the choice of the components that we will use (alim, charge controller , … )

Finally, with the help of Benjamin , I have started to play with the BLE card and LEDs. 🙂

Good evening .


PLUME – Making some PCB and playing with coils


We finally have an emitter coil. 🙂 It is not finished yet but we are already used it to make tests. (Pictures are coming as fast as possible).

We try to see the intensity of the fields generated by our system but it is very low at the moment. It remains for us to be able to generate the signal that we will use with the coil. Indeed a “classic” frequency generator is current limited and this poses us problem. We will use an H-bridge to power the coil during our tests.

On the other hand, we continue our inquiries on the shape of the coil and the number of laps that we need. Indeed, despite our 200 turns of wire, our system is less efficient than the Razer Hydra.

Moreover, these last two days, I worked a litlle bit on my lab work with my STM32. Now, I am able to use the potentiometer and the adc to have some fun with the led intensity. Actually, I’m working to implement a serial port to USB. My purpose is to use the correct driver of ChibiOS to  configure the USB port used to power the card so that it is seen as a serial port. I hope to finish that as soon as possible.

 Finally, today I re-started to use Expedition PCB. I missed it a bit. 🙂 I look forward to be able to map our project because I really like the idea that the placement / routing of components that does not happen randomly but must comply with all rules of signal integrity and electronics.
To be continued…
Capture IMG_20140307_212525

PLUME – LabWork + Prototype


Today was a long today. Indeed, I worked a lot on my lab work to be prepare for any future challenges.. I finished to play with the PWM of the board and the interruption/event of ChibiOS. Hoppefully, Sam gave us some advices to do it, because the documentation of ChibiOS is not really clear.

Morevover, I continued to work on the prototype of coil. The 3D printing of the emitter coil is finished (as you can see on the pictures). It’s looking like a small Spoutnik with is screw. 😉 Furthermore, we received the copper wire. Tomorrow I will see the school mechanic to help us to create our coil. I hope, we will be able to make some test on the emitter but we need to find a teslameter to measure the magnetic field of our coil.

To be continued…

IMG_20140305_203504 IMG_20140305_203513

PLUME – The daily routine

 And the daily routine sets…
Today not much special. I continue to move forward on my lab work. We worked on the project and I’ve finally finished a prototype of coil. I’ll print it tomorrow.

PLUME – Presentation – Lab Work – Project

That’s it! We made our presentation. Overall everything went well but it remains to be more precise in defining our objectives and the establishment of tasks to finish our project. Tomorrow morning we will take into account the feedback from our teachers.

For my part, I continued to move on my work on my development board which has become my new girlfriend. 😉

Finally, a little fun, I re-started to study the Razer Hydra and disassemble it to study the the main coil and its characteristics (current/voltage, frequency, length of the coil, resistance and the wire section). This allowed us to select the copper wire to make our own coil and start (finally) our prototype.

See you tomorrow. 🙂



PLUME – Summary of this weekend


Well this is a relatively tiring weekend ending. Indeed, as you probably know, we have a presentation of our project to for Tomorrow. So we all met this weekend to move forward on our project.

After a few hours of work, researches, reflection and correction we finally finished. We also completed the distribution of project tasks. We are waiting for feedback from our supervisors to provide you with more ample information on what each of us will do.

For my part, I am currently re-reading the documentation and guides provided by ChibiOS to prepare me for any little surprises that may occur .. However, I still have a lot of courses to read, especially on the BLE to catch up in this area.

Dear readers, I wish you a good evening.


PLUME – Brainstorming


Here, I will resume the progression of all my team member and I.

After our presentations about various topic, we all started the lab on the STM32 board. However, we had to configure the JTAG pins on the ARM processor because they are also use with a display that we do not use yet. So, we had to RTFM of the board to understand the configuration and configure the pins. The next step is to light up a LED.

Moreover, we are currently working (Benjamin, Marc-Olivier, Olivier, Virgile and I) to define clearly our project and precises our objectives for the Monday presentation. We plan to finish a Gantt diagram and complete our Trello boards this afternoon.

PLUME – Make a prototype


Today, I worked on a prototype of coil for the main emitters. I tried to make a complex object, however, Marco remind me that it is not necessary for a first prototype. We will add some fun, like LED to the project after. So, I made something very very simple. Now, I need to find the specifications, especially the section, of the copper wire that we will use and create the coil with 3D printing.


Moreover, I continued to work on my presentation of M.E.M.S with Noémie. We hope that it will be alright tomorrow…