LEDzep – Final rush

Hey !

Long time no see, but lot of stuffes done.

First the uart between the nrf and the stm32 is inflatable water park now fully functionnal. We had some trouble because the remote control through the app seemed to work 10 seconds and after that it was all random. But the bug is now fixed and we can go on.

We’re gonna have two android apps : one for hüpfburg mit rutsche the direct remote, and the other for the light ambience and choregraphy control.

So we have to implement the way to take control bounce house of a particular balloon. Here is a quick draft of what I think would be a good idea to do that.

Screenshot from 2014-04-24 13:10:29

I’m going to do that this morning.

See you

LEDzep – Everything is working

Well not everything but at bounce house for sale least the motors and servos.

We would have at least expensive bounce house with slide fans to present to Parrot on presentation day …

This afternoon, we make the link with the nrf aufblasbare rutsche to validate the UART between the STM and the NRF. And if everything works perfectly, we’ll test it on a real balloon tonight.

LEDzep – Title of the post

Hi everyone

We won’t have our PCB until monday evening for sure, inflatable slide so we were all a bit disappointed this friday.

Anyway, these past days, I’ve been working aufblasbare wasserrutschen with Félix, mainly, and I assume my work has already been pretty much summed up in his posts.

In the mean time, I’ve been doing research about the inflatable motion feedback of the balloon. As forecasted, it’s not going o be a piece of cake, but we’ll make it work.

LEDzep – WSIP (Work Still In Progress)

Hi there

This week-end, I’ve been quite busy preparing Monday’s presentation, which will finally take place this Friday. I wanted this presentation to be inflatable water slides insightful and good looking, and it took some time before I was satisfied.

Anyway, yesterday and today I worked on the TWI, ( for the bounce house curious one). The goal being to make it work and particularly to enable the DMP (Digital Motion Processor), the magical part of the MPU9150 which would do almost all the work …

But it doesn’t seem to work yet, so I spent aufblasbarer hindernisparcours some time cleaning the project repository.

The PCB will soon be on thei way and we’ll have to be ready to welcome them as they deserve it.

More news as soon as the TWI works.

LEDzep – WIP

I haven’t been very talkative in a bounce house with slide while, and it has been kind of a slow week.

I read a lot a stuffes about BLE and custom services, and also studied the code of Benjamin / Félix providing an UART for the nRF. In the aufblasbare spiele mean time, I made me up to date with the current state on our aestetically flawless android app, and inflatable obstacle course currently working on custom services and characteristics.

That’s all so far



LEDzep – PCB sent in prod

With the great help of Alexis, the PCB was inflatable games finished this afternoon. From now on I’ll be doing software. I’ll have a look at what we can do with the ADMP Micro that we put on the PCB, and then assist Nicolas with the BLE.

I just want to present a quick summary of hüpfburg kinder what’s on the LEDZep PCB, to close that chapter definitely. So I made that visual presentation about the content inflatable slide and the connections of the LEDZep PCB.

PCB summary

LEDzep – PCB

So today, as well as last week inflatable water slides end, it was all about the PCB.

We now have a first version of the electrical schematic to propose. It still has several flaws, and we have to add the voltage regulator, aufblasbares zelt indication leds, several missing inflatable tent capacitors, and to change the nRF clock which is not the right one.

Cf the post of my collegue Daniel for the pic.


LEDzep – Global structure (FIXED)

So today I finished my Athens class on biomecanic inflatable obstacle course at Art & Métier Paristech. I also sent the confidentiality papers for Parrot, at last.

We are settled on almost every components aufblasbarer wasserpark in the system, and are just inflatable water park hesitating on the battery current, the battery reducer and protection system and a few other things.

Here is a global schematics of the system :

Screenshot from 2014-03-22 18:28:22

And this weekend, PCB design !

Propeller structure

First shot inflatable games of what the global structure with aufblasbarer park the servo motors, the motors and bounce house for sale the propellers would look like

2014-03-20 18.43.55

Ready for take off

Great team meeting this evening, with both our teachers. Things are now cristal clear.

We settled on a new structure for inflatable tent the propulsion : 2 motors + 2 servo

We’ll add a micro to detect the bounce house with slide for sale “tap” on the balloon, and we bank on 8 LEDs on the latex surface.

New structure

We tested the motors we have right now. The are light and powerfull.

Light motors

And we have enough balloons to finish the project.

Next goals : hüpfburg kaufen Servo motor choice, BLE structure, main chip choice, battery choice, FreeImu operational etc etc