Getting the site updates

There are several ways to get this site updates.

If you use a news reader such as Feedly, you can subscribe to the site RSS feed located at

Thanks to the pubsubhubbub protocol, you can also be warned in near real-time of the news:

  • You can follow the telecomrose account on Twitter, if you use Twitter of course (or if you choose to start using it).
  • You can register the feed at BlogTrottr and receive a mail whenever a new post is published, or get a digest containing the latest news.
  • As described here, you can add to your chat list, and ask it to /subscribe It will then talk to you when a new post appears on the site.

The pubsubhubbub protocol is also used for the comments feed. You can ask to receive notifications of new comments in real-time by subscribing to using one of the services mentioned above.

With so many ways to watch the site news, not including coming here from time to time, there is no excuse to miss any important content!

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