Rules of ROSE

Those rules are imperative and must be abide to at all times.

Above all

By default, everything is all right. If you have any problem : speak, ask!

Source code, documentation and repositories

  • Only source files are allowed in the repository. Every production that can be derived from the source files (binaries, object files, etc.) can only be added if this is absolutely necessary and documented. Using .gitignore properly is your responsibility.
  • The master branch of every project repository must represent a working state of your project from very early on. At any point, you may be asked to make a demo from the master branch. You will not be allowed to forcibly push (push -f) onto the master branch.
  • All code in the repository must be properly indented and documented. Documentation rules can be relaxed in short-lived development branches, but must be adhered to before merging.
  • No digital media (code, schematics, file, …) should ever be exchanged by any other mean than the repository.
  • Every document and slides set must bear significant titles, dates, page numbers, authorship information, and used sources. Illustrations must not be pixelized, and you are encouraged to use vector graphics when this is possible.
  • You are allowed to use external resources if their licensing terms allow it, provided that you cite the source. You must also stand by your choices and be ready to explain design choices and techniques used in those resources as if it were your own work.


  • You are here to learn how to do things, and more importantly how to learn by yourself how to do them. For this reason, you are expected to quickly become autonomous. The information sources to be used are, in decreasing order of priority:
    1. the official datasheet or documentation;
    2. search engines;
    3. friends and colleagues;
    4. the ROSE mailing-list;
    5. the teachers.
  • No technical question must ever be asked by private email to the teachers.
  • If you have personal issues and must warn the teachers, always keep both of them in the loop (using “reply-to all”).

Community life

  • It is important to work in a peaceful and stress-less environment. Using a session left open by someone else, changing their settings, accessing their messages, or impersonating them is a motive for disciplinary processing.
  • The room hosting the class is a shared resource and must be kept clean at all times. If you happen to eat or drink while working, make sure you remove any remnant as soon as you are done.
  • The hardware brought in by classmates is not yours. You have to ask before you borrow cables, boards, or any other equipment.
  • You must not disconnect any computer from the power or network plugs, or remove any equipment (mouse, keyboard) from the machines in the room. Use the additional sockets and your own cables to connect your equipment to the network.
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