I just came to say hello

Kinda like this thing but there’s something you should know
I just came to say hello

Hello World!

What a touching moment. Our first drop (Drop65) just said “Hello”.

Hello Drop

It was not an easy journey to make it work. We came through doubts, tears and despair. But we finally got it. We got a sign of life from our dear and beloved drop.

We encountered many problems before achieving this. First, we noticed that the nRF chip was a very old revision, with its bunch of bugs. So we had to downgrade to a previous version of the nRF SDK compatible with this revision. Then we tried to test a simple program using BLE, but the drop was not even advertising (whereas the same program was working on the development board). Next, we decided to test another program directly using the radio (without BLE), but again it did not work on the drops. Finally we tried to replace the 32MHz quartz with a 16MHz quartz (so that we had the same clock than on the development board). And guess what… it worked! We can now see our drop advertising! However, we still don’t know why it was not working with the 32MHz quartz, but it seems that there is a bug with this quartz frequency in our chip revision.

May the force be with you!