After the turmoils of Friday … preparing for next week’s PSSCs!

Hi everyone,

Over the past few days, I have worked and learnt a lot.

First off, I have had the occasion to learn a lot about my STM32, notably during Friday’s Challenge! I have spent more than 10hours with my beloved development board and have tried to make my way through the diverse url of the test with it. Friday has been a tough yet challenging day for my STM32 and I!

After this day of great turmoil, I have decided to focus on the BLE. I have thus had the pleasure of making acquaintance with my Nordic chips. I have started by flashing an example given by Nordic on both boards, but unfortunately, I have not yet managed to make it work since I cannot communicate properly with my dongle through minicom … on both my computer and the A406 machines …

Concerning RoseOnRails, Gleison, Valeh and I have split tasks for the week. As usual, I am going to tackle the issues regarding the LEDs stips. Since we won’t receive them for two to four more days, I am going to write a test for them on my STM32, so that I can play with them as soon as we they arrive! I also need to recover the Hall effect sensor from a former project and borrow some coils from PLUME to test the possibility of deriving the position of the locomotives with Hall effect sensors.

Previously on STM32…

Hey !

It has been a while since my last post. It is because I have been really busy. At the end of the week, I spent all my evenings on my STM32 to be able to make the communication challenge. We had indeed to use ethernet with ou board, and if we can’t, we did not receive other instructions… That is why you can understand I was a little bit nervous when the last evening, my ethernet was still not working. But it was quite late (past midnight). So I decided I will end it on the morrow… And, well… It has been tough, but it has been well also… I have nearly finish the challenge. I was quite tired after the challenge (probably the fact that I spend more than 12 hours in front of my pc… and at least 4 hours debugging (at the end).

One more thing : I am actualy in Wien (ATHENS courses), so it would be difficult to work as much as I want. I will not forget you, team Drops N’ Roses. I am just trying to get Expedition PCB on my PC… on Windows…
I never tought I would use Windows for my project…

Well… That is it.


Day 20: a nice morning

This morning… I slept!

For the first time in a few days, I had some time to rest, which I enjoyed a lot. Since my last post, I have worked a lot on my STM32 for the lab and the communication challenge. We went on until late yesterday (the door closed at 23:30…), but I did it! After exploring non-deterministic bugs, a lot of documentation, and with the help of my best friend Google, I finally reached the final step. There are so many reasons why I could hate myself yesterday (it’s amazing how many stupid mistakes one can make when working under pressure…), but overall it was a very good experience. I am quite proud of what we achieved (basically, audio streaming) and the whole principle of discovering our board features in an ouverture-facile manner was very fun. This challenge was really a platform game! So, thank you, everybody: Alexis and Sam for organizing it, the students for having suffered with me and the alumni for passing by and encouraging us (the cookies were delicious!).

Therefore, I allowed myself to take some rest as a reward. But as soon as the morning was over, I was back in A406! No rest for the brave. This afternoon, Matthieu and I worked again on establishing a first communication between the BLE kit and an Android phone. While he was working on the kit, I managed the Android part. We agreed to develop the apps in Scala (with the scaloid library), which is much more compact and flexible than Java. But first, I had to remember how to program in Scala! So I spent some time reading documentation on Scala, Android, Scaloid, installing Android SDK, Sbt, and so on. I have now a DropScanner app on my Nexus 4… which does nothing yet, except displaying a text and a button. But tomorrow I will try using the BLE API for scanning.

By the way, be careful if you plan on testing BLE apps with a Nexus 4, since before Android 4.4 it couldn’t unbound Bluetooth Smart devices. Of course, I had not upgraded my Android yet…