RoseOnRails – The end = a mixture of relief and nostalgy!

This is my last post on this Logbook (#nostalgy). It’s not going to be so long! Just a little message to say that I really appreciated ROSE and the great amount of things I learnt during this UE. Most of all, the way I learnt them was quite often “harsh” enough so that I’ll never forget them again (cf. remap registers… almost 2-3 days spent “debugging” an UART communication just because of this!).

True, there was a whole lot of work, a whole lot of stress, a lot of surprise also (as expected 😉 !). But on the whole it was an unforgettable experience of learning and having fun at the same time, with cool teachers and great classmates 🙂 !

Thank you all and hoping to see you soon some day again 😉

One little photo (just for le “swag”) :