LEDzep – finishing PCB, working on actuators


These days we worked a lot on our PCB. We have fixed a lot of connections that were missing in the latest version. We also determine the other components we needed to complete the architecture. We added two voltage regulators in order to provide the Vcc and the actuator power. We went to the communication and antenna department of Telecom in order to determine our needs, but they afferm that, seeing our short timing, it would have been inappropriate to create our own antenna, we would have spent to many time with waves simulators and it would have been to risky. So we prefered to take an antenna already done, it is saffer. We finished a first Routed version. We will send it to the production line as soon as possible.

In parallel, knowing all the connections, I made the routing table in order to start working on actuators commands with the right PINs.
Today, I made functions that command the two motors through H-bridges with PWM input interface. We can now set their speed, their rotation mode and put them in low power energy. I Worked also on servo comand, we can now enslave it with with a degree accuracy. I just notified that they can consume a lot: 200mA maximum. But it appears only when we apply an important negative moment. No problem therefore for our ballon.

Next days we will implement the other devices and work on the BLE structure.

Good evening,