LEDzep – Some work on infrared sensors and presentation


On saturday, I mostly work with the group for tomorrow’s presentation. We had to define exactly what we want to do with our project, what it could be useful for and establish a timetable.
I also had time to do some tests with infrared sensors.
In order to get familiar with infrared technology, Thomas lended me his webcam so that I could remove the infrared filter. I also borrowed an infrared proximity sensor from Telecom Robotics club.
It worked really well as I was able to see the infrared light emitted by the sensor with the webcam.

Tomorrow, I might be able to work with a digital altimeter. It could be really nice to check if these sensors could be used to determine the altitude. Alexis hopefully has some so I could just plug one of them on my Olimex STM32P407 board and try to move it around the room.

Stay tuned, there’s more coming soon!