LEDzep – Proximity sensors

Hi everyone,

Today, I took a look at different proximity sensors. I started on Farnell’s website but they were all extremely expensive.
At the same time, Thomas was trying to dermine the distance separing a baloon from the ground. Alexis responded to his email with a link to SparkFun’s proxmity sensors.
One of them has a range from 0 to 765 cm. It’s an ultrasonic sensor: It only costs $50 (relating to Farnell).
I didn’t find any information about the weight of this kind of sensors. It’s not on the website nor in the datasheet.
We still have to decide what we will use to determine the balloon’s altitude. The sensor sounds good but it might still be a bit too pricey…

After that, I continued working on my presentation about PWM and H bridges with Yann.