RoseOnRails – Last week

Hi everyone,

Last week, I mainly worked on the ADC on nrf51822.
Indeed, if we want to measure the BEMF of the locomotives’ motors, we will need the ADC to convert the voltage coming from the motor into a numeral signal. I spent quite some time reading docs on nrf51822’s ADC and understanding and adapting examples. Finally, Yann and Valeh managed to have the adc work on the nrf … apparently I had forgotten to mention the reference we were to use.

As Valeh explained earlier, we had to present our project on Friday. The presentation tackled both technical and commercial points.
From a commercial point of view, we are willing to sell two main products:
1. The BLE decoders for locomotives and railway switches. This part is quite innovative as it will be the first time model trains and railway will be controlled thank to BLE and not DCC.
2. The railway portions we have equipped with controllable LEDs. TAs this product will be used in our game and will obviously not represent reality,  it is to be sold to families and children rather more than to modelists and train amateurs.

We were also able to present what e had done from a technical point of view, and what were still to be done.

Subsequently to the presentation and Alexis&Sam’s feedback, we took some decisions and realised some points were to be tackled asap:
1. Regarding the train’s position, as we have not found a specific optical sensor for the trains, and we have focused more on the hall effect sensors, we have made up our minds to use hall effect sensors only.
2. We need to start coding our game

Our programme for the next days:
1. Find a suitable way to set position references in our circuit thank to magnets. – WIP
2. Precisely design our game – WIP
3.  Install the PCBs we received in the locomotives, under the LEDs, under the railway switches – ASAP
4. Finish soldering the LEDs – As soon as the controller is installed and tested.

Electronically yours,


Code must go on

On and on, does anybody know what we are coding for?

Hello World!

In my last post, I described the toughness and the cruelty of the arguments which cheered our last week up. Until Wednesday, the fight kept on, and then we finally managed to start coding again. What a relief!

So on Wednesday we dispatched the work like this: Adele will work on the lowest level by writing the code to communicate with the Flash, Lauriane will be in charge of the DropFS code, and I will personally take care of the BLE layer and the different services. I started to write the code for parsing the Message commands (I will publish an explanation of the architecture very soon).

On Friday, we had our presentation which was appreciated. However we had some remarks about our pricing, so we need to think a bit more about this subject before our final presentation. Then, we had one more big discussion about the DropFS organization, and especially how to handle the synchronization between the drops and the phones in our KTA app. Now we have a very interesting and strong system, with a lot of good properties. I know Adele is preparing some schematics to explain all that, so stay tuned!

This week end, I had no time to work on the project, but tomorrow I will be back again, because code must go on!

May the force be with you!