Hello Droid!

Hello World!

logo_equipeIt’s a great pleasure to introduce you our brand new mascot: R2-D2! Why R2-D2? Because:

  • It is a droid, and our API will be available on Android platform;
  • In R2-D2, there are a ‘R’ like Roses and a ‘D’ like Drops;
  • In Episode IV, R2-D2 delivers to Princess Leia a message containing the blueprints of the Death Star.

Also, R2-D2 is the coolest robot of the universe and beyond.

I will try to finish the project logo before the end of the week. I also have to fix a few mistakes in the Git slides.

In the meanwhile, I spent yesterday on my STM32 lab. Now the leds are fading (PWM magic!). Next step will involve conditional variables and events (I hope to finish it before tonight). We also planned the work for this week. We are all assigned to do some research on the components we will use. And we also have to finish the BLE architecture.

May the force be with you!