RoseOnRails – Railway work… continued!

Cut it, solder it, mark it, drill it, place it, light it…. enjoy it!

A whole Sunday of “railway work” for RoseOnRails! Let the photos speak:

RoR - brico

As you can see, we started by cutting our ledstrip in pieces (corresponding to the different “types of pieces of rail” (small, medium, large, staright, curved, etc.). Then we soldered the curved ones (GND<->GND, DIN<->DOUT, Vcc<->Vcc). This took us a lot of time since at first we tried with minute pieces of wire (very difficult to bare and to solder). But then Noémie suggested we rather solder them directly (with the correct curved angle) without wire. We also un-soldered the cables that were already there for the connection (the green, red and white ones) to solder the ribbons directly instead (of course we will leave three of them at the extremities that we will connect to the SPIs of our STM32 😉 !)

The next step was the drilling of the rails and the placing of the ledstrips. See Noémie’s post for the rest of the fun!

See you.

RoseOnRails – Railway worker mode ON !


Yesterday after I finished routing the components on our LEDs PCB, Yann and I decided it was time to take the railway to pieces in order to put the LEDs.
Here is a few pics of the roadworks:
Raiway worker

We will pierce the rails sections, put the LEDs strips under them and build the train circuit all over again on Sunday!
We’ll keep you posted.

Electronically your,