Monday !

These 2 last days, we prepared our project presentation. It was very tiring but we managed it. Everyone was very dedicated.

I’ve mostly worked with the group, and I did manage to find some time to spend on my STM32. My PWM is working, and I am trying to figure out how to use the ADC driver to get the trimmer resistor to work with my leds.

So, overall a very strenuous weekend but quite satisfying.
This week I’ll work on our model/simulation software and some.

Until next time,


LEDzep and work

Since my last post, I’ve been quite busy preparing Friday presentation about 802.15.4/Zigbee with Adèle, studying, getting the damn green LED of the Olimex STM32P407 board to turn on, and various Rose related occupations.

The week end will be entirely occupied with Monday first LEDzep presentation, which I expect to be amazing.

I took some time to make some equipment research hüpfburg mit rutsche kaufen (camera, LED, motors etc), and some sketches, maybe a bit imaginative with the scale, but the purpose was only to give an overall visual description of the project.

Structure sans le ballon Structure avec ballon



Cool stuff of the day : I just received five white 90cm latex balloons I ordered a few days ago in order to do some tests.  Each weights around 35g and inflates quite easily. Here it is, only inflated at two thirds of their maximum diameter, because my lungs were tired. It is closed using only a simple clothes peg. The bananas are for scale comparison

Latex balloon !