PLUME – LabWork + Prototype


Today was a long today. Indeed, I worked a lot on my lab work to be prepare for any future challenges.. I finished to play with the PWM of the board and the interruption/event of ChibiOS. Hoppefully, Sam gave us some advices to do it, because the documentation of ChibiOS is not really clear.

Morevover, I continued to work on the prototype of coil. The 3D printing of the emitter coil is finished (as you can see on the pictures). It’s looking like a small Spoutnik with is screw. 😉 Furthermore, we received the copper wire. Tomorrow I will see the school mechanic to help us to create our coil. I hope, we will be able to make some test on the emitter but we need to find a teslameter to measure the magnetic field of our coil.

To be continued…

IMG_20140305_203504 IMG_20140305_203513