A beginner’s guide for ROSE 2015 students

Welcome, and congratulations for making it up to ROSE 2015. Here are a few steps that need to be taken at the beginning of the class. Permanent rules are stored in the rules of ROSE.

Revision control

We will use git as a revision control tool, and GitHub as a repository farm. You have to create your own account at GitHub (we advise that you use your @telecom-paristech.fr email address so that you automatically enter their generous academic plan) and send us your identifier.

As soon as a codename for the project has been chosen, it must be communicated onto the mailing-list along with the list of members in the project. Every project will get its own repository, which an access restricted initially to the members of the project and the teachers.

Every student will be provided with a personal private repository named after their name. Only the student and the teachers will be able to access it. All the evaluations, labs and challenges will be submitted through this repository.

Alexis Polti

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