Here we are !

Today – the 2nd day of ROSE – seemed a little harder than the first one. Maybe because we had more than 4 intensive hour of lecture about bus and very detailed protocol (Too much information for my little brain! I scramble up the names… I think I’ll have to re-re-read it in a day or two).

Gladly, tonight I’ve made something funnier: a brainstorming on my two favorite subjects – Sorcery and Battle Royal.
– I tend to agree with lerela on Sorcery and I hope I will play to this game, even if I don’t create it.
– For Battle Royal, the problem was that the game had no real purpose :
the original idea was some people are wearing a very dangerous necklace and a master gives them orders and controls them through this necklace. If they don’t follow the order, something happens to the slaves (explosions or even worse ! ). The game world is interesting, but… something is missing.
I had an idea of game play that gives everybody a purpose : everybody is wearing a necklace and you are the master if you’ve got a very specific object in your possession. So the slaves are trying to steal this object in order to become the master ; and the master is hiding because he doesn’t want to become a slave again.
Maybe we’ve got something.

Also, for my tutorial – which is about LED display – I tried to remember what I learned about LEDs in the project I’ve made last year with Alexis&&Sam. I also began to collect informations about charlieplexage, etc.

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