Archilinux – Done !

Hi everyone,

After a painful night, I finally succeeded in installing Arch. I installed it three times before understanding all the problems I encountered. However, I learnt a lot of things. As most of the installation is done manually, I was able to observe the different steps in the process. I also learnt how to connect to the internet thanks to commands line, to install xorg and a graphical environment.

First, I tried to keep the dual boot with windows but without success. I need to keep searching about grub to understand how to add windows to the loader. I still have my former windows partitions somewhere (over the rainbow…)

Ciao !


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1 comment to Archilinux – Done !

  • allegrem

    Installing Arch was a challenge this year? :p Great distribution by the way! Bonus point if you also use Awesome (I can give you a quite good config file if you want!)