ArchLinux, again !

I so wanted to be the first to post about Arch. Congrats Julien, you nailed it ! But it’s my first post in this blog, so I guess that’s something.

I’m currently writing from my fresh installation of Arch. It doesn’t even have a display manager! Yeah it’s my first time and yeah, that is quite an experience.

But I’m not just posting around about my noob feelings, I also wanted to share with my fellow classmates some tips about the install:

  • There’s an install tutorial for beginners that I advice to follow (discovered it after I finished the other one);
  • Don’t forget to disable secure boot;
  • UEFI requires that you make a special partition (except if you already have one),  otherwise you just have to start over again (believe me on that).

As Alexis told us, the whole distrib is very well documented, and the install surprisingly straight-forward.

I also learned a lot doing it. It took me around 3 hours, and it was totally worth it !


By the way, what is your favourite display manager ?



5 comments to ArchLinux, again !

  • Felix

    Why the choice of Arch? Why not use a distribution like Debian or Ubuntu for ROSE?

  • Alexis Polti

    Mainly for having a bleeding edge bluez distribution (for BLE apps). In Debian or Ubuntu, the stack is waaaay to old.
    And we have decided that every student should learn to install / administrate his computer. Going deep in the system is the best way to understand what’s going on under the hood, which is precisely what Debian and Ubuntu try hard as hell to hide to the user.

    Sure, other distros would have been fine too. But Arch is very well documented, it seemed to us that it was pedagogically the best choice.

  • Felix

    Ok that makes sense (even if Debian testing is not thaaaat old with a bluez-5.23), particularly if everyone in ROSE use Arch. I don’t think that a raw Debian hides that much to the user and I know some would argue that if you really want to get your hands dirty there is Gentoo x)

    My point with Debian/Ubuntu for ROSE is mainly that if someone has to make a project (in ROSE or in the future) that embeds a Linux he will probably not use Arch for this =)

  • Samuel Tardieu

    “awesome” beats all the other window managers hands down.