[HeRos] Cleaning and Alimentation

Today we begun the day by working on our tutorial with Dimitri and Damien : Conception of alimentations in embedded systems.

We first looked on the internet to understand better and define the border of the subject. We discovered the basic notions concerning alimentation and power supply for embedded systems and then focused on the differences between linear and switching regulators to understand the interest of using one or the other on a particular device’s power supply. Both have their pros and cons, depending on the device they are suppling. We’ll continue to work on this tutorial because we didn’t figure all out yet, in fact we’re presently studying temperature variation impact on input and output capacitors for regulators.

I also read tutorials concerning ArchLinux installation. it seems quite hard, but this distribution seems to let you customize everything in order to have a distribution suitable to your needs. I also checked the particular recommandations for MacBook computers, and then decided to reinstall everything on my computer including Yosemite as my actual configuration is quite “unusual” and I think it may lead to problems when installing ArchLinux. So right now I’m saving all my data on an external device before cleaning this mess that is my computer.

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