Finally, i’m posting !

Besides the classes we follow with Alexis (about architecture, buses,….), i’m working with Damien and Charles on a tutorial. We have the subject “conception of alimentation”, and we have already done the parts about general notions, and the linear regulators. Switching regulators, we are coming !

We also had a meeting this afternoon with nearly all the ROSEmen in order to discuss about the different project ideas. And a thing is great : it seems that around 4 or 5 people are interessed by each project. There must be no so much conflicts for choosing the teams. As for me, the projects I prefer are PaintIt, and the brand new connected teddy bear proposed by Antoine, Damien and Julien.

See you,


Dimitri Tuaz

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  • Alexis Polti

    Just a little suggestion : there might have been a course on the switching regulators given in ROSE past years. Why don’t you task your teacher if they could give you the slides ? Maybe that could help !