Lost in a sea of ideas

There will be no arch story from me, because I definitely won’t be touching that thing. I set the windows VM up though, and it turns out with reasonable latency, it is almost usable over VNC ! That’s good news for the desperately full disk in my computer.

As for the tutorial, ours is about the advanced usage of git. Compared to the other ones, it is much less foreign, as everyone already has some kind of experience with git. I have re-read the git book, which along with the manual probably has all the information we need. We have already started work on the first iteration, so I think we’re on the right track on this. I’m also looking at open source projects and their mailing lists to figure out their workflow and repository organization.

Finally, I had a look at the projects again, and I can’t find one that appeals to me so much that I know I want to do it. I’ve been reading all of the ideas regarding the projects, but I’m unable to come up with some myself. And when I find one, I’m not the first to have it

Regarding what I’m interested in (we had a poll about that): I’m among the few who like Battle Royale, I’ve given up on Sorcery since everyone else is way more motivated about it than me, and the BBalls haven’t had much discussion yet, so I don’t quite know what they could be, but I like that project too.

Hopefully we’ll know more about the other projects after we gather to discuss them all together, which is scheduled this afternoon.

Anatole Denis

3 comments to Lost in a sea of ideas

  • Alexis Polti

    You’re free to use whatever Linux distribution on your personal computer, as long as you have a bleeding edge bluez installation, a kernel >= 3.17 and sufficiently recent releases of the tools to be able to work.

    Concerning PCB design, I really doubt that VNC is a good idea : this kind of software is really graphics intensive (ExpeditionPCB tries as much as possible to use OpenGL to speed things up).
    You might have to fall back on one of the computer of the A406 room. Which *has* to have Arch 🙂

  • Felix

    I think that learning to build the version you want of a software, make it into a package and set a repository is a good way to learn Linux also :-°

  • Alexis Polti

    Well, sometimes your distribution relies on a specific version on a library. For example, even with the latest Ubuntu, it is *very hard* to compile the latest bluez, as its API is completely incompatible with the what the Ubuntu’s installed dameons / softs expect.

    But anyway, as you said, learning things (among which administrate a computer) is a good thing ! That’s why each project has its own computer in the A406 classroom, on which they are root, and they have to install it from scratch and learn to administrate it.