MIGB : Many Integrated Games in a Ball

Pronounciation : Migby.

Yesterday we finally got to choose our project; now it’s official (and almost final). There’s only one caveat : we have to show that we have work for five people in our presentation on Friday, otherwise, the group will be split up and we’ll have to find another project to pursue.

We started defining our features more precisely after we chose the projects yesterday, and we also have to think of the design we want to adopt with it. One of the main points we want to focus on is that, even in a “adventure” game mode where players take their ball for a stroll, our ball should be autonomous and not have to be communicating with a phone.

In its main mode, though, it is a collection of balls that act like bombs and give you challenges to defuse them. The challenges imply manipulating the bombs in certain ways : rotate them, hold them with a set number of fingers (maybe more than 10 !), launch them against each other or over a set distance. They also communicate together, so that if you have 5 balls in a room for example, you may have to run around to reach the next one before it explodes. We still have to write the descriptions more precisely and chose the ideas we want to keep for the official project.

Today espectially, we also had a course on real time OSs, and started practical work to go with it. Yesterday was also the deadline for the tutorials, so we finished that too.

Anatole Denis

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