Let’s start thinking


The beginning of the week was marked by the progress of the projects definition. The morning Monday 3 hours were used to gather the team in each project. However, before creating the team, we had to pitch each project in order to prove the feasibility.

I was interested at first by four projects:

  1. Sorcery: but there were too many persons
  2. Figurines: I pitched for it!
  3. BBalls: I pitched for it!
  4. PaintIt: we were not enough

On the first hand for figurines, we decided to do less peripheral device (too hard) and to focus on virtual action. By virtual I mean using software instead of electronic components. One of the idea of game play was to do fight two teams. Each team is made up by 4 robots. One robot is driven by a human and the three others are autonomous. Nevertheless, they follow guidelines order by the human leader like : keep close to me, search enemies, take an aggressive behavior… The remote for the human is a smartphone.
I really keen on autonomous robot because I like AI and the game should look like some famous video games.

On the second hand, I think about BBalls. Firstly, Samuel and the others students were thinking to play only in a room like a “board game”. I had an other idea, what about playing it in outside! It could be an orienteering race where you have to find special places. When you are enough closed to the place, you have to play with the ball and to defuse the bomb (ball).

I will not explain the other ideas for BBalls, since I finally chose Figurines. My team is Florent, Charles and me. We are only three, thus it should be intensive. Yesterday afternoon, we saw us to brainstorm and share ideas.


Today, we started with a course about Operating Systems on embedded system. We discovered ChibiOS and FreeRTOS. The second part was focused on starting the STM32 pratical work.
By the way, we had to find a name for our project. We decided to named our project Heros. We chose it because in the game there is one human who lead the team and he is the hero and for the allusion to the name of the course : Rose.

Tonight I’m gonna write my idea of the gameplay.


Just a little recap for the last week-end

  • Writing the draft version of the ultra low consumption tutorial with Mickael. We based ourselves on this article http://www.ganssle.com/reports/ultra-low-power-design.html  ( you should read it if you are keen on the topic else our tutorial is coming soon)
  • Doing some exercises on signal integrity. By the same occasion, I work again the first part of the course.
  • Last but not least, keeping in touch in the ideas for the projects and searching some others


Eric Masseran


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