Project choice


Yesterday,I finally decided which project will take most of my time during the next mouths. With Damien, Dimitri, Marc and Antoine, we are going to make a connected cuddly bear.

This morning , we met to decide the possible fonctionalities we can implement on our bear : health control, a learning program, easy communication with the parents… We began to think about how communication can be done. Some solutions appeared : BLE, Wifi, Zigbee,… We have some problems. We need the lowest energy consumption possible, the possibility to communicate between different bears, not too much waves for the baby, streaming sound/video/photo,… We wonder which solution will be the best.

Moreover, we would like to add a screen. We have two possibilities : an LCD screen or LED screen. We think that LED screen is better because it is harder to break.

We will now begin to think about the PSSCs and the PCB making.



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6 comments to Project choice

  • Samuel Tardieu

    Don’t forget to take into account not only the energy consumption but also the availability of the considered protocols. For example, not many devices are equipped with Zigbee or dash-7.

  • We thought that may be we can use Zigbee to communicate between bears. So, we don’t need a wifi connection. I do not know if there an another way to do it everywhere.

    • Samuel Tardieu

      And how would you update the bear software, or have it send the pictures to the parents?

      • I think we update the bear software by connecting it to the computer. That something we should do it to be able to configure the bear (wifi/bt…). Maybe we can use a core program and be able to switch quickly data such like sounds and the learning program (with will be actually sentences, pictures, …). By doing so, we can have a more customization program that the parent can adapt easily. The problem is still how to transfer those data. Bluetooth may be too slow if we have to change a large amount of information. The same problem appear with the picture. Moreover, the parents are not always with the child. So, if we use bluetooth, we have the choice between sending data directly to parents phone (but the parents need to be close) or we can use a “hotspot” which will be the bridge between the bear and the network. Then, why do not we use wifi directly in the bear ? The battery is the problem. We thing that wifi will consume too much and parents may disagree about having a wifi antenna close to their child.