we have made some evolution on the project. After considering HMM algorithm and the DTW algorithm, we chosed this last one as it is simple, both in number of instructions and in mathematical complexity and it still gives good results according to some docs we found on the net. We still have to decide were all the calculation will be made as sending all the data given by the IMU through BLE might not be convenient, this will help us determine exactly which components we will use.

In the same time, I have made some progress on installing Arch Linux but it still won’t work because it can’t find (though I can see it) the file vmlinuz-linux when booting.

Hugues Duvillier

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  • Loki

    You can benchmark the algorithm on your TP board if the processor is the same as you plan to use. At least you will know if you need a much powerful one. And you can reuse the code on your project if it works.