[HeRos] A new name and ArchLinux installation

Good news everyone ! Our figurines’ project has now a new name : HeRos.

We kept defining the functionalities of the figurines. The main problem is to find a way (if one exists) to be able to stream video from our system to a smartphone.

We also looked on the internet for some camera controllers and bluetooth transmission devices to see if one what interesting for our project. Bluetooth will be enought to connect our device with a smarphone but we should need wi-fi to stream video between the both of them.

I also spent most of the day trying to install ArchLinux on a VM. It finally worked, with the help of an ancient Rose student who also gave me many tips to simplify coding on my computer (ssh connection between MacOs and my ArchLinux VM, managing connections on VMs and Arch) and i have to admit it’s thrilling seeing ArchLinux finally working after hours of installation. There was quite a strange problem during the process, Arch did not want to boot and responded :

Error: Root device mounted successfully, but /sbin/init does not exist.
Bailing out, you are on your own. Good Luck

Arch launched correctly after deleting all partitions there was and creating only one to install it.
I’m now configuring Arch to have a graphical environment and hope I’ll see soon windows everywhere.

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