Hello !

For our little bear, we would like to add a led screen. We are looking for something flexible and not too big. We would like to put something like 16 leds and the size should be around 12 cm. We found different things :

–  there are very few 16*16 led screen. Here is an example : http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/16×16-RGB-LED-Matrix-w-WS2812B-DC-5V-p-2011.html. It is $90.

– we thought that may be we can use leds strips to recreate the screen. They seem a bit expensive. We have 3 bears to do so we need something like 800 leds on the screens and the best density for a strip was 144/m like this : http://www.adafruit.com/products/1507. 5 meters are 300€.


Any idea ?




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7 comments to LED SCREEN

  • Felix

    I don’t understand how you count.

    First you talked of 16 LEDs, then 16*16=128 and finally 800 LEDs for 3 bears…

    What do you want to display on the screen ?

    For the 16×16 LEDs matrix you could use four 8×8 matrix that are more common and had been used almost every year in a ROSE project in the current decade.

  • 16*16 =256…
    256*3= 768
    The compte is (almost) good

    We want to display simple pictures and letters, for example a teethbrush.

  • Felix

    Yups, typed too quickly 🙁

    If pixeled images are ok for you 4 matrix of 8×8 should be ok : http://youtu.be/tPrO4Gg0kNM?t=20s

  • Loki

    I think the size of those matrix is a little too big for a teddy bear if you put 4 of them.

    What about a tft or lcd screen ? More pixels but you don’t need to use all the resolution.

  • The problem is that we want a flexible screen. A LCD screen can be easily broken by a child.

  • Alexis Polti

    LCD (or kind of) + plexyglas screening. Is it really so easy to break ?

  • DAuffret

    In fact, we thought about whether a hard and small screen or a bigger one flexible because it can be usefulness and fragile. The solution to have more resolution is to embed a flexible screen.