Why StabiloRose is better

Today, we have changed the main purpose of our initial project migB. The reasons of this change and the new purpose are explained below by Natolumin. Indeed we were going to use too much sensor and effector, that makes our project much harder as soon as we have to think about the function of each component, if they are really useful, and how to put them together. It could be diappointing to change our project like that, but research we have already done about component and mathematics algorithm will still be very useful.

StabilityRose will use mainly LED and IMU. We think to use about 3 hundred of LED onto a ball of diameter 16 cm. We also intend to use an internal opaque ball so that users will not see inside it. The LED will be arranged like an orange peel. For this reason the main new challenges are as follows : to control the set of led as we want, knowing this set is an orange peel, and to control perfectly the orientation of our ball so that text displayed stays horizontal.

Actually mathematic problems are much harder than the initial project but we have less components and a more accurate way to follow. Therefore this project become easier from a certain point of vue

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