Introducing StabiloRose

This morning we had our first presentation. It went… poorly, at best. We were not quite ready, and we were not quite ready about all the technologies we wanted to use.

After the presentation, Sam & Alexis thought about it, and came back to us with a proposition : scrap the project, and salvage the idea to make a spherical display, that keeps up with gravity.

Let me present to you StabiloROSE (we have a real name this time !)

StabiloRose is a ball. It can display things all over its surface, keeping up with its own orientation. You can use it in your pool to read your email (yes, it is waterproof !), as a discoball in a party, or to communicate with other balls over the internet.

StabiloRose is a high-quality,high-resolution led display over a sphere. from this point, you can use it to display basically anything over its surface, while keeping its orientation : make it roll, or float in the water, your image will always be horizontal (or vertical, or tilted, if that’s what you’re into).

It’s not only a game anymore, but it can be used to easily implement one. It is really a multipurpose device, on which you should be able to display anything.

Some characteristics :

  • It’s a ~16cm diameter ball
  • It uses leds for its display
  • It should be waterproof

Anatole Denis

3 comments to Introducing StabiloRose

  • Nice, a high definition spherical LED display seems quite challenging!
    Do you have a trick to keep an homogenous pixel density at the poles and on the equator of your sphere?
    The resulting Faraday cage will probably be another good challenge for the wireless communication ;p

    PS: what was the name of the project that you are replacing?

  • Natolumin

    Well, it’s not quite high-definition, I didn’t really word that well. We thought of about 300 LEDs, which on a big sphere is not actually high definition at all.
    Our main focus is rather to have a display that is stable even when the ball is rolling or thrown around.

    Unfortunately OLED panels are way too expensive for us, but that would have been great !

    We’re indeed trying to keep an homogeneous pixel density, and we thought of putting the LEDs ribbons as an orange peel around the sphere. Obviously, this has to be tested and can still change.

    The previous project was migB (the other one with balls).