[Kudly] Before the first presentation


Last night, we almost completed our first presentation for ROSE. We did the product presentation, the techs we will use and we planned the different tasks. Even if it is hard because it is difficult to evaluate how many time a task will take, we tried to find something the most homogenous possible.

Finally, we thing that Wi-fi is a good choose for our bear because we need a speed sufficient enought to stream audio and we would like to connect easily Kudly to the internet. Bluetooth is slower and with that technology, we needed to add a bluetooth hotspot to connect the bear to the network.

We also abandonned the idea of the led screen as it will consum to mush. Instead, we will simply put leds to make Kudly more attractive and to be able to implement some pedagogic games (color regognition for example).

You can also follow us on twitter if you are interrested : https://twitter.com/KudlyProject




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