[migB] RGB LED Strips returns

We finally got our LEDs allocation over migB. We are going to use the same principle as explained in a previous post (article and video). We will also put one RGB LED on each pole to reduce the obscurity. The main issue with this allocation is the conversion of coordinates. With aligned LEDs the conversion is quite easy. Spherical coordinates can be easily projected into a Cartesian system which will govern our strips.

We also thought about a spiral wrapped around migB or parallel circles mapping a sphere. However it is very difficult to manage coordinates.We thought about a mapping matrix to deal with led position and solid angles, but it requires a calibration and a high similitude in the way the strips are mounted in the sphere. More difficult, imagine you would like to color the LED which point out a certain direction. It becomes really hard. We chose simplicity over homogeneity. This spacial allocation will also strongly help the understanding of the displayed symbols by the player.

The numbers of LEDs will be between 50 and 100 for each migB according to the final size, in order to keep the price and consumption reasonable.

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