So long migB

The fall of migB and the rise of StabiloRose is no news anymore. We got our 5-people project (something we weren’t sure of), and if we hadn’t a PCB to design in 4 days, now would be a good time to celebrate.

Quit on migB wasn’t easy. Or, I must say, watch it die as many of our ideas appeared to be too expensive, too complicated or too useless. Some know that I really was into that GPS thing. However, I understand that such circumstances will be more than common in our future work life, and we got to learn to get past it.

Besides, StabiloRose is not a repelling project at all. I really enjoy the fact that once it is assembled and flashed, we can turn it into almost everything we want. And I am sure we will find some great games during its conception. So, let’s get down to business !

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