Playing with Arch

Good evening 🙂

This morning, I have installed ArchLinux as a VirtualBox and the PCB VirtualBox on my portable hard drive. Thus, I can switch between my laptop and my desktop computer.
During, the ArchLinux installation, I have got one problem. I firstly forgot to format the boot partition for EFI. When I arrived at the end of the installation and I had to install gummiboot, I was blocked since the boot partition wasn’t mountable. I formatted the partition and I mounted it at /mnt/boot, a new problem appeared. The mounted partition erased the data written during the pacman base installation. I discovered the name of one of the missing file : vmlinuz-linux. In order to get back only the missing files and without reinstalling the whole system, I was looking for the only package to re-install. I succeeded with this program : pkgfile. Finally, I only re-installed the package core/linux and I was able to try Arch!

This afternoon, with my colleague in HeRos, we were looking for the components. We have almost found everything.
We will use the alimentation of the pololu in order to supply our PCB. I had some difficulties to find a laser. My constraint was to find a class 1 laser, because of the danger of laser. On the website given by Alexis, I found nothing under class II. I had to go on other website and I found something cheaper on Conrad website.

Eric Masseran


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