Choosing the components and Starting the Schematics

Hi everyone,

This is a team post for Expelliarose as we thought that for now, since we are all doing more or less the same task, a single post would be better than repeating five time the same stuff.

So today we chose most of our components,  the processor will be a STM32F427VG because we still don’t know how much power we will need to run the recognition algorithm quickly and therefore this one seems quite convenient with its 180 MHz. We still need to determine cleanly the global consumption to choose the regulators.

Quite important also, we made a more precise design for our wand as it matters a lot since we will have several components quite close from one another at the far end of the wand (a RGB LED, an IR emitter and an IR receiver).

We also started the schematics on ExpeditionPCB, giving a look to every datasheet, and mainly the processor’s one, to see which pin to connect the devices on.

Hugues Duvillier

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