New eye

We started the day by understanding the LIN protocol. We will use it to communicate between the robot and the extarnal module. I firstly chose just a mono jack with 2 wires. Samuel and Alexis told us that it would be easier to split the data and the power supply. As a consequence, we have changed for stereo jack with 3 wires. The unit in the external module is a ATtiny87.

Another surprise, Samuel try the WiFi chip. Bad news, the driver is not finished. We can’t use the SPI for transferring data, we have to use the serial port for controlling order and transferring data.
Goodbye the 10M/s, we have to analyze the camera again.

Firstly, we have chosen a GumStix Caspa VL. However, the resolution is 752×480 and each pixel contains 10 bits.
752*480*10 =3,609,600 bits for just one image !! Moreover flo sent a mail on the GumStix mailing list, he asked how we can manage the problem with the STM32F4 processor. In five minutes, he got the answer: that it’s too difficult! Let’s find an other camera.

Welcome to the new camera: OV2640. On top of that, the OV2640 camera supports JPEG. Thus, we will have lighter picture 🙂
A project using a OV2640 with a STM32F4 : openMV


Eric Masseran


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