End usb and buzzer


These last days, I finished the buzzer and the usb implementation.

First, I did the buzzer which was a simple pwm. As it was quick to do, I played “Au Clair De la lune ” with it.

Next, I did the serial over the Usb. It was harder for different reasons. The usb Was longer  to configure. The copied some codes that already existed but I tried to understand what I did. Then, I had a problem in my code with an extern variable which caused a lot of troubles.

To finish, I combined the two functions to create a piano keyboard controlled by my computer. Before leaving the room, I tried to find a function to wait inside an interrupt but I had not enough time.

Next week, I will be in Madrid for the Athens week. So it will be difficult to work. But I take my board 😉

Hasta luego!



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