[HeRos] PCB finished ; )

Sorry for this week-end, I didn’t have much time to send some news.

This end of the week was very intense. In fact we had to finish our PCB plans and routing. We had some last minute changes about some components and connectors with the pololu to have the best PCB for our project 😉

First it was quite complicated because we didn’t begin by making a routing sheet for our processor. Once done it was much easier to place all components on the PCB. It was also much better to see every optimizations we could do to have shorter tracks.

We had also some few problems to solve we didn’t anticipate. For example, we didn’t care too soon to set the clock tree right to supply the camera module with a correct external clock from the processor. But finally we succeeded to have the correct clock available 😉

I also understood how timers worked and how the should be implemented and supplied by the correct clock frequency rate.

So this week we have to wait for our PCBs, but don’t worry I’ve still work to do with ChibiOS on the STM32Discovery-board and a C++ course to attend.

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