Yet Another PCB Entry

Just like everyone else, we have been working on finishing our schematic for the PCB. After a few corrections by Alexis, we were ready to start placing the components, and then routing them.
Obviously, we had to do it several times, and I still feel that I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time.

Anyway in the end we managed to get a first routing done. Now we’re just waiting to be told it’s terrible (it probably will be. It’s our first one after all).

It wasn’t easy working on that this week-end. With ATHENS we were only three people available, and some hiccups from the mailing list prevented critical email from being delivered. To top it all off, it seems that Alexis mistakenly destroyed hours of his work on HeRos’ PCB (Good news, he managed to save it). Hopefully all those delays won’t  affect the rest of the project too much.

I haven’t gone seriously into the practical work with the STM32 yet, but I intend to do that for the next few days. I must admit, I’m a bit fed up with electronics after two weeks, I’m eager to go back to programming for a while.


Anatole Denis

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