Pics or it didn’t happen

So this is it, the pin table is set, the routing is done (thanks to Alexis!), and we even got some pics !



As for me, I must say I was pretty busy: I took part in designing our PCB; I read the entire git book (that took me some time); and I came back to some courses Alexis and Sam gave us. Now that the Athens week’s started, I’m getting introduced to the joys of SystemC, and I’ll time to handle the STM32 work. Since Clément is focusing on the IMU part of it (he did the tutorial I believe), I think I’ll try to set up some software for the buzzer, maybe a MIDI converter.

Anyway, I can’t wait to hold the PCB in my hands and make it a “superball” !

2 comments to Pics or it didn’t happen

  • Alexis Polti

    Is the buzzer really important ? 🙂 IMHO, the three most critical (and pretty difficult) points are :
    – properly calibrate the magnetometer (not as easy as it seems, believe me)
    – compute the ball’s attitude (AHRS)
    – transform a pixel frame into another on the fly

  • Dryvenn

    Yes, I agree, but I was just talking about the “TP STM32” work. Of course I won’t spend all my time on it, just poking things around. 😉