[Kudly] Athens & Coe.


I spent an entire week in Madrid and it was difficult to continue the project. As the entire team had Athens courses, it was possible to work together only the evening. Moreover, our PCB software was in Paris, in a406, we had to wait people who are still in Paris to come to the school to continue and correct the PCB. However, I tried to do all the papers stuff but I regreted I was not enought useful.

I tried to continue the stm32 TP but as I had no ethernet access, I only read the lwIP documentation and wrote the code. However, I was not able to test my program. Of course, it won’t work but I hope my work this week-end will be quicker.

Concerning my Athens course, it was very bad and I learnt nothing. If I knew, I would not have come to Madrid…

See you,



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