Some games with STM32

Hi everyone,

as Julien said, the robotics course was very far from what we expected.
Anyway it was difficult to help my team and I think I missed a lot of things about PCB, that’s too bad. SO I worked the TP on the STM32.

Chibios do not assume PWM on each GPIO of our board, so I though I have just to look at PWM function on other pins, and copy them with just putting the good register. However it seemed much more complicated than just “changing two or three register” so I decided to use some callback from a PWM on another GPIO. This method is easier but the results are less accurate. It seems to work very well with our baby program, but I think we should implement the real PWM and not use callbaclk if we have to sell our program.

Then I implemented interrupts on push buttons and  an ADC on the potentiometer of the board.
Finally I tried to use USB port as a seriel communication port and first try seems work.

Next step is to use buzzer, which would be PWM (and assumed by ChibiOS this time), and the network configuration to use TCP/IP protocol.

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