[HeRos] Pololu and STM32

Hi everyone!

It’s been a few days!

Since last time, for HeRos I wrote the code that we’ll use to control the Pololu via its serial port. It wasn’t very hard since the Pololu’s manufacturer provides libraries that do pretty much this. So I had to tweak them a bit to keep only the functions we’ll use and to add those that weren’t there. It works: I can control the Pololu through its serial port with my computer: make it go forward, backward, turn, and pivot. This week we will have to establish communication with the HeRos via WiFi (that’s if our PCB arrives tomorrow) and control the pololu through it.

I also worked on the practical assignment for STM32. I managed to control the LEDs with the buttons and the potentiometer, and to use the buzzer to play the Imperial March from StarWars. I haven’t been able to make the serial over USB work but I’ll come back to it tomorrow I think. Then I’ll have to configure TCP/IP.

Until next time!

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  • Samuel Tardieu

    Your PCB has been received on Friday, but the circuits have not been soldiered yet. However, I’ll lend you the WiFi module evaluation board so that you can test your communication code without it.